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Sorry this took so long.

When looking at this painting for the first time, I felt awed and overwhelmed by the colors and lighting. It's so bright and warm. In my dream, I stepped out on to my porch in an overcast, just-before-dawn light. Everything was very gray and moist.
The house is the right color but much more spectacular than the house I grew up in. My house was a little one story house with a cement porch with no banister. It was a dark slate color with white trim and had a gradually-sloping, shingled roof. It sat at the top of a hill without any trees around it. The trees surrounded it further down the hill, which is where I was looking in from in the dream.
The look of the wolf, though skillfully done, is too cute. I'm almost rooting for him to go tackle me and tear me apart. He's the hero of this depiction.
In my dream the wolf (my point of view) felt like a dark, ominous force lurking in the black forest. It was patient. Not eager for a child's blood, but just watching and waiting for me to come over into the darkness. Maybe not to eat me, but to convert me.


Response to #2
3. Jessica,

The way you have the boy and the house looks right. It's small and vulnerable. It's up on that hill so isolated. That's how my house was growing up.
The wolf is wrong though. It's too white and well-behaved. It looks like it was just neutered. I'm thinking of a big black wolf, with bloodshot eyes that almost blends into the shadow, not one that would pull a sled across Alaskan tundra and lick your face.

That's all.


Russels Dream #2
Russels Dream #2
Oil on Canvas