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Seems like a very interesting project. I've been thinking about what
dreams have really affected me and that I remember vividly.
There was a dream I had when I was around 8 years old that I'll never
forget because it was the scariest nightmare I've ever had. In the
dream, I found out that I was dreaming somehow and the scene that
occured in my mind's eye stuck with me. It took place at the house and
property where I grew up in Hillsdale, NY - a little blue-gray house
on top of a hill surrounded by a big yard and then woods and a grass
pathway down to a stream. And as the dreamer, I watched myself from a
third-person perspective come out of my front door and on to the big
front porch of our little gray house. It was so far away. I could
barely make myself out through the trees. It was like I had taken the
form of a wild forest beast and I was prowling along the edges of our
land. So I watched myself walk out on to the porch and look into the
sky, and yell, " wake up! Wake up!" repeatedly. My voice started to
waiver and I was on the brink of hysterics and finally after yelling
myself out of breath, I felt the beast body I inhabited rise and I was
floating above the trees, still watching myself on the porch and I
kept floating up until I awoke with a gasp.
I think of the dream a lot now because sometimes I find myself in a
lucid dream, which is the same sensation of knowing that you're asleep
but instead of freaking out, you realize that you can do whatever you
want. The possibilities are only hindered by your lack of imagination.
I haven't had one in a while but they've been very fun.
Anyhow, I don't know how useful this dream will be for your current
task, but it's the One dream that's stuck with me in a profound way
over the years. Some have been more classic nightmares like being
chased by werewolves or having body parts cut off. But time turns
those things into jokes.

Hope to see you soon

Russel's Dream
Russel's Dream
Oil on Canvas