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So, this was a recurring dream during childhood, I'm guessing between
about the ages of 6 to 10. I'd be in my house in San Antonio, at
night, and there would be a kind of deep pulsing noise outside, kind
of scary. I'd go outside and a big full moon would be hanging in the
sky. At that point I could respond in two ways- I could face this
powerful dangerous object with an aggressive angry attitude, a
fighting, bring it on type attitude, or I could humbly submit to the
moon and offer up a non-threatening and compassionate face. If I
choose to be agressive, I'd be put into a nightmare- the moon would
lift me up and drop me from a great height, or some kind of ghoul
would appear, or whatever. If I was nice, I would get lifted up to a
dream where I could fly or maybe got to look up some lady's skirt.
It was always a bit surprising how often I chose that nightmare
option, it was hard not to have an angry response to that frightening

Toms Dream #1
Toms Dream #1
Oil on Canvas