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ok, if you want me to be super-picky about it:
i lived in a neighborhood in San Antonio, there where houses to either
side and across the street, their dark blank faces where part of the
general atmosphere. There were no lights on in my house, the whole
neighborhood is asleep. We did have trees in our yard, not in your
exact placement, but in our front yard alone there were four trees of
different types, a couple of oaks (i'm guessing) by the street (the
block itself was generally tree lined, also the oak on the right side
was basically 5 to 6 ft of trunk with some thick limbs sprouting out,
but they were cut off quickly, I guess it was dead/dying, and the one
on the left was actually just a stump now that I think about it, very
close to the ground), a loquat tree midway up the yard (there was a
slight downward slope from the house to the street) and a fringetree
in front of the right side of the house, with maybe a pecan tree on
the left ( all this left/right stuff is as one would view the house
from the street) side of the house. There was a dinky little driveway
on the right side, consisting of two concrete strips running from the
street up to the back yard. To the right of the driveway where these
sparse, 4 foot high bushes that ran halfway down to the street that
separated our yard from the neighbor's. You got the basic size of the
yard right, maybe a bit more length down to the street. No fence in
front, there was a little walkway from the front door to the street, a
little straight segmented concrete strip, there was a single step
about 10 ft from the street, on account of the slope. I would walk
down this strip to view the moon. The moon itself looked like the
moon, with its little cold gray features with that halo that it has at
night. The way it grabbed me would be more like a tractor beam,
visible, but subtly, barely so, no hands. Looking at the piece
generally, it's the space and light that seem off- my house and the
entire neighborhood around it was dark, dark house, dark trees, no
really long views (except if you were to look right down the street),
with the lightest area being the night sky, which isn't that bright.
the moon gave the area around me more of a cool surreal feeling-
actually, I always thought Frederic Remington nailed it in his night
paintings. you asked for it! I think the next email addresses me
particularly, I'll do that one now...

So this apple-cheeked, plump little faggot is how you see me eh? Wrong
wrong wrong! So as we discussed last night, no jamys. I would have
been a little skinny kid in tighty-whities. I dunno how to describe my
childhood body- skinny, colt-like? But I had a big round head, not
plump, but a normal, skinny child's face with a big brown chili bowl
haircut that emphasized the bigness and roundness. If I was giving the
moon the ol' stink eye, my body would be rigid, hands down, maybe
clenched, with all the anger in my face, being right on the verge of
saying "fuck you moon!". If trying to make nice, there would be more
looseness and a bit of movement in my body with a big sacharine smile
on my face.
I guess that's it! I hope this is helpful and not too overboard, it's
funny how particular the memory gets when you think about it...

Toms Dream #2
Toms Dream #2
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