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There's not much too it, but it was so striking and I had dreamt it several times, so it stuck.

In the dream I am the passenger of a car driving across the Popular street bridge into St. Louis from Illinois. (That's the bridge we accidentally went over after the blues show downtown.) I grew up in Illinois farm country and we rarely, on special occasions, went over into "the city" of St. Louis.

So as we are crossing the bridge, the arch and riverfront scape on the right, the road starts to incline upwards. It angles higher and higher and becomes extremely steep. As I look ahead I realize the road has turned into a roller coaster hill, complete with the crossing support beams underneath. The road continues upward past layers of clouds, so that the ground cannot be seen. I see the cars ahead of us. As they get to the very pinnacle of the hill, cresting the top, the road just stops. There is no more. The cars continue onwards and fall off the top and into the river or abyss.

My dream always ends once I get to the top. I've never quite fallen off the cliff.

So there it is. Guess I have a little anxiety about...driving or being a passenger...or growing up....or about st louis in general. Best not to overthink it I guess.

Hope this works


I called it the Popular street bridge. It's actually called the Poplar street bridge, not that there is a singular tree to be seen from it...but I digress. See you at 4.


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Stephanies Dream
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